needfire (needfire) wrote in x5_darkangel_x5,

Fic-find Alec H/C Post-FreakNation

I hope this is OK, but my head is turned searching for this wee group of fic. It's post-Freak Nation after the flag raising. They are all Alec hc shorts with a well developed female medic character. In one Alec has taken extra painkillers for his shoulder [the wound from the jam pony siege which was still causing problems] he is in the sewers setting up a way out or getting a supply route there is an accident and the sewer collapses burying Alec who is only saved by partially scrambling into a small pipe. As time goes by his injury's are further compounded by the painkillers he had swiped from medical. The medic was upset with him later as she almost accidentally killed him with an overdose. Another fic has the same characters Alec falls to seizures but he requires a different treatment because he produces too much serotonin. They are a group of easy read HC fic that I have not been able to find and I am worried that they may be lost. If anyone has any clues I would be beyond grateful as I have been looking on and off for some weeks.Actually any Alec hc injury or illness fic would be appreciated I am trying to save them and set up a decent set of tagged fic on my del account. Again I hope I am not causing offense but I have not found a DA fic finders.
Thank you .B
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