k jinx (vilnolin) wrote in x5_darkangel_x5,
k jinx

Bloodlines 16/16, R, M/A Sequel to Genealogy COMPLETE

Title: Bloodlines 16/16
Series: Sequel to Genealogy
Rating: R
Characters: Alec(494), Max(452), Felix(496), Keegan(105)et. al.
Pairing: Max/Alec, Keegan/Felix
Spoilers: Genealogy
Warning: Species-ism, gore, violence in excess, people who might not stay dead, crossover
Disclaimer: Dark Angel is owned by Cameron/Eglee Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. Resident Evil/BioHazard is owned by Capcom Entertainment, and movie references belong to Constantin Film Produktion, Davis-Films, Impact Pictures and New Legacy.  All Original Characters belong to me, all rights reserved and all lefts reversed.
Summary: It's been six years since Max fought on the front lines against Umbrella's T-Virus. The world is decimated and survivors moving in caravans, but no one is really safe, and it looks like Umbrella's plans have only just begun...

Rewrite: 7.6.14
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